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At Invotra, we all come together each day to do something we are all passionate about… transforming other people’s work lives through our innovative intranet and extranet services. We provide exciting ways for people to collaborate and engage with each other and pride ourselves on being able to deliver a service that is not only useful but one that continually evolves.

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We have worked with UK Government and US membership organisations for over 5 years, helping to deliver internal communications platforms for both large and small enterprises.

Invotra Consulting was developed from the learning and expertise acquired over several years by Invotra Group to take things to the next level, focusing on communications at a broader scale.

We aim to focus on helping organisations with theit internal communications strategies nad to deliver digital platforms designed with end users and data analytics at the core.

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Interested to know how and where it all began for Invotra?

Our detailed timeline provides you with an insight into our journey so far. You can see how we have grown as a company through our awards, additional offices and increasing list of customers. 

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Backed by experts with decades of experience in delivering enterprise-scale content management, coupled with the innovation & passion of our team, we are proud of our growth and track record when it comes to competing to win our valued clients. Through our intuitive SaaS platform, we deliver secure, flexible intranet and extranet services to hundreds of thousands of users. 

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Our hard earned reputation has afforded us the opportunity to work with some of the biggest organisations, both within UK Government and enterprises worldwide.

In 2011, we made a decision to align with Cabinet Office policy surrounding the use of open source software and now over 47% Central UK Government, as well as many local authorities, are using Invotra.  

In 2017 we were appointed by US environmental organisation Sierra Club to overhaul their internal communications platform and extranet capabilities.

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