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About us

The power behind Invotra

At Invotra, we come together each day to do something we’re passionate about…  creating and maintaining the conditions for professionals to do their best work.

We replace double work and wasted time with an order and focus that helps workers from across the world to succeed in their roles.

With Invotra, enterprises can take complete control of their information management and distribution, and connect their people with a collaborative, engaging and uplifting digital experience.

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Where it began and how it’s evolving

Since 2012, we’ve been helping the UK Central Government and US membership organisations to deliver outstanding intranets for tens of thousands of users.

We have grown and developed as a business alongside our customers. Acquiring and refining new learning and expertise that have moved us onto the next level of corporate information and communications. As a result, Invotra 5.0 launched in 2020, and Invotra Consulting launched in 2019 as a specialist resource for customers with complex and constantly changing needs.

We will always help enterprises to consolidate their information and create critical commonalities for their employees. It’s our mission to give enterprises the freedom to create custom digital experiences that are useful, usable and relevant for all of their users. That’s what we do at Invotra.

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Built by experts

Our core team has decades of experience in enterprise-scale content management systems. When you combine that with our dedicated team of developers, designers, project managers, trainers, marketers and more, we’re able to deliver our product to hundreds of thousands of users each day.

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Track our progress

We’ve put together a timeline of our journey so far. Check out the big leaps forward and see how we’ve grown as a company through our awards, new offices and an increasing list of customers.

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Hard earned reputation

We work with huge organisations within the UK government and elsewhere worldwide.

In 2011, we aligned with UK Cabinet Office policy surrounding the use of open source software and now half of the UK Central Government, as well as many local authorities, use Invotra.

In 2017, we were appointed by US environmental organisation Sierra Club to overhaul their internal communications platform and extranet capabilities.

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