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Meet Adnaan Mazhar

Level 3 IT Technical Sales Apprentice

"I have the chance to get the experience from a workplace whilst simultaneously studying and gaining a qualification"

It’s been a month since starting my journey here at Invotra, and I feel I have already settled in so well at this fast paced organisation, with such a friendly and welcoming team. Having started my apprenticeship, I have already started to grow my skill set and develop my product knowledge. Everyone at Invotra has been so welcoming and supportive and always makes an effort towards helping me. It’s clear to see that everyone genuinely cares and wants what’s best for each other.

As an IT Technical Sales apprentice, my job role will be selling Invotra’s intranet. I chose this role due to having previous sales experience after leaving college and liking the fast paced, challenging and forever learning environment.

After leaving college and when looking for a career, I always thought that working in an office environment may not have been a good fit for me due to the nature of my personality. However, when I had the chance to take on this apprenticeship, I realised that my role wouldn’t just consist of me sitting in an office all day and doing the same tasks on a daily basis. Instead, I’d be attending events and my role would mean that I’d always be doing something different. Studying for an apprenticeship also means I have the chance to get the experience from a workplace whilst simultaneously studying and gaining a qualification.This is something that excites me about my apprenticeship.

Since starting work at Invotra, my main focus has been learning what an intranet is, and I have also been pushed to get out of my comfort zone by speaking in front of large audiences and presenting in Invotra’s weekly meeting. This is something I didn’t think I could ever do, but I was encouraged and pushed to break this barrier and it’s something I am grateful for. I have also been doing role play and pitch practice with my manager, James, to help build my confidence and prepare me for when doing outbound calls.

I am looking forward to growing with the company and continuing my apprenticeship to see what the future holds for me here at Invotra.

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