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Andrew Doyle - apprenticeship case study 

Level 3 Software Development

Andrew Doyle

Andrew Doyle has been with Invotra since July 2015.

Approaching the end of my 2nd year at sixth form, I started to consider apprenticeships as an alternative to university. It felt wrong to commit to a degree (in terms of time and money), for a subject that I had no work experience in and might ultimately regret.

I initially interviewed at Invotra for a sales position but ultimately based on my interview, I ended up on the Product Team. To begin with, my role and responsibilities included manual testing, writing test cases and writing automated tests, within the QA team.

Fast forward a few months, I transitioned into a Business Analyst role which involved writing functional requirements for improvements and new features within the product.

At the beginning of 2016, I was almost halfway through my apprenticeship when I put myself forward to own digital accessibility throughout our organisation.

I had been introduced into digital accessibility in my software development classes and it interested me. So, when our CEO asked the Invotra team who was going to own accessibility, I stepped up.

In 2016, we onboarded a large customer, DWP, and during that time I was very much involved in user testing, requirements elicitation and specification. I also ran accessibility workshops at the 2016 Intranet Now conference. This was the year my apprenticeship came to an end for which I walked away with a distinction.

Following this, I was nominated for ‘SME apprentice of the year’. I was thrilled to have been successful and took home the Regional Winner trophy. However, in 2017, things only got better as I ended up being the National Winner, which was a great achievement.

Over the last 2 years, I have gained so much valuable experience and find the work I do on a daily basis very rewarding. My long term goal is to go into a management role or become a more senior Business Analyst with greater technical knowledge, whilst continuing to champion accessibility.

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