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James Knight - Apprenticeship Case Study

Level 4 Software Developer

James Knight

I am currently on a Level 4 Software Developer course and I have been working at Invotra since February 2020.

Before joining Invotra I had gained a BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in IT Software Development, but I didn’t really have any experience, beyond programming as a hobby.

I wanted to do an apprenticeship as I felt like I had a lot of the knowledge, but no idea how to apply it and I felt like an apprenticeship was the best option to help launch my career.

After deciding on the apprenticeship route, I discovered Invotra and looked into the organisation, and I was impressed by how much of a focus was put on apprenticeships.

When I was first taken on by Invotra I was mainly working in QA while doing some development work on the side with React JS, which I was learning as I developed. The main responsibility I had was preprod testing for one of our biggest customers. My role has grown, I currently do the development work on React tasks in the releases and QA the live release and I continue to support in QA when needed.

All the way through my apprenticeship I have been able to go to anyone for help at Invotra. Everyone has supported me with getting the evidence required for my apprenticeship and also with day-to-day tasks.

I’m almost at the end of my apprenticeship now, I just have my synoptic project and then end point assessment to complete.

In the future I would like to continue building my knowledge of front-end development with React, but also learn more about backend development.