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Max Lovric - apprenticeship case study

Level 3 Software Development apprenticeship

Max Lovric

Max Lovric joined Invotra in 2015 to begin his Level 3 Software Development apprenticeship.

Initially, I went to university for a couple of years because I felt pressured to do so by the constantly increasing student fees, however, I did not really enjoy this and decided to look for alternative options. I was also working as a waiter doing 60 hours a week at the time, and this huge workload was one of the key factors that resulted in my leaving university.

After this, I decided to start looking for jobs when my girlfriend (at the time) suggested looking into web development – a family member of hers was a senior developer. I liked this idea and started to learn ruby on rails and make my own applications. I started looking at apprenticeships as a way of working and learning at the same time.

Once I started to learn how to code I found that I was really enjoying it and so thought this course was what would be best for me. I am still enjoying the course as much as I did when I started it, but I also never thought I would be able to do what I am currently doing now in my job. From the apprenticeship, I learned the fundamentals of programming, which I needed in order to grow as a professional.

I really enjoyed the apprenticeship as it allowed me the opportunity to meet other people who were following a similar career path and this allowed me to further shape the direction I wanted my career to take. I really enjoyed that I was able to translate the theory that I was learning to the more hands-on project of building an application which I did towards the end of my apprenticeship.

My main goal over the next year is simply to continue enhancing my knowledge and improving in my role. My initial goal was to be considered a “senior developer” and, after years of work I would consider myself to have achieved this as I can now begin to rely on my own knowledge in my role and help others with their questions.

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