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Meet our apprentices

Case studies from apprentices currently training or graduated with Invotra.

Billy Clackers

Billy has been with Invotra since he joined in 2011 as one of our very first apprentices. He is now our Project Manager, leading a team of 5 and is about to undertake the Level 6 Chartered Management Institute Degree.

Read more about Billy’s apprenticeship and his career progression.

Nqobile Dube started at iO1 during May of 2011 as a Software Development apprentice. Before he went ahead with his apprenticeship, Nqobile was actually already in university studying Computing. However, he felt that an apprenticeship would be a much better path to take.

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Nqobile Dube
Jamie Garrett

Jamie joined Invotra as a software development apprentice in December 2013. He relished the opportunities working at Invotra offered and is now Invotra’s Key Accounts Manager. He is also looking forward to starting the Level 4, 5 & 6 Chartered Management course in May this year.

Read more about Jamie’s experiences and ambitions.

Ryan joined Invotra in October 2016, has recently completed his Level 4 apprenticeship, and is working in our QA team. He has really valued all the experience and knowledge the team at Invotra have shared with him and is excited about the future.

Read more about how Ryan completed his apprenticeship at Invotra.

ryan taylor
Edward Ireson

Edward is surprised by the path his career has taken after expecting to go to university. However, having experience in both university and apprenticeships he really rate the benefits of both; and encourages people to research all of the different avenues that they can take.

Read Edward’s case study

Ben started his current course after 2 years already working at Invotra, having finished a level 3 in software development. The idea of being able to do a degree while continuing to progress in his career at Invotra was extremely appealing to him.

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Photograph of Ben Taylor
Scott's headshot

Scott decided on pursuing an apprenticeship as he felt that it would be a great way to get real-world experience, whilst also allowing him a “stepping stone” into progressing in his studies.

Read Scott’s case study

Luke always knew an apprenticeship was the best option for him, with the idea of learning whilst working really appealing. He is really grateful to his colleagues at Invotra, intelligent and experienced people who have always been more than happy to help him reach his goals and gain knowledge.

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luke parry
Niall Carolan

Before Niall began his apprenticeship he had already undertaken part of a degree in Chemical Engineering. Becoming dissatisfied with his experience at university he decided to start an apprenticeship with Invotra, which has allowed him to study a new subject, one he is enjoying a lot more, without the drawback of paying yearly university fees.

Read more about how Niall decided to join Invotra as an apprenticeship in his case study.

Max really enjoyed his apprenticeship experience as it gave him the opportunity to meet and work with other people who were following a similar career path. He feels working and studying with Invotra gave him the experience and opportunity to further shape the direction his career will take.

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Max Lovric
Jake Headshot

Having always found difficulty with the rigidity of the learning structure in school and college, the idea of being able to learn by practical application, and to learn in a way where he would be able to see the impact of the work he was doing in a real-world scenario, was something which set apprenticeships apart for Jake.

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Jack had always wanted to get into software development having been fascinated by technology and keen to come up with ideas about how it could be improved. He wanted to get a job where his ideas could make a difference, and that’s one of the reasons why he joined Invotra. He had considered going to university, but questioned the cost of studying this way. Also, knowing Steve Jobs never graduated from university, and took a far more vocational path, Jack made the decision to take a more vocational route with an apprenticeship.

Find out more about Jack’s apprenticeship in his case study

jack durrant
Shona McClarence

Shona joined our Newcastle team as an apprentice in November 2017. She had been impressed by the obvious support for apprenticeships within the company, and how proud Invotra is of how they champion apprenticeships. She was convinced at her interview she would enjoy one to one support, and wouldn’t just be sat in a corner, she would be involved in real work from the beginning. That impression turned to reality and Shona, and her family, are now certain she made the right decision in chosing an apprenticeship.

Find out how Shona joined Invotra and her experiences so far on her apprenticeship

Georgia is really enjoying her apprenticeship which has introduced her to amazing people who she has had the privilege of working with and learning from while being able to work. At the same time she knows she is working towards a qualification and experiencing new and varied challenges all the time.

Read Georgia’s case study

Photograph of Georgia Ashby
Louis James

Louis joined Invotra at 17 years old in July 2019 as the first and youngest Technical Sales Apprentice, a first in sales apprenticeships for both himself and Invotra. He had not enjoyed his first year at college and was looking for something more, wanting to earn and learn on an apprenticeship, so decided to take the apprenticeship path.

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