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Miller Yurasek - apprenticeship case study

Level 3 Technical Sales

Miller Yurasek image

I went to college after finishing my GCSEs to very soon realise it wasn’t for me. I preferred a role that allowed me to grow my career as well as knowledge. After working for some time in retail I took a risk, but one which has been very beneficial and joined Invotra on an apprenticeship.

When I went to college after finishing my GCSEs, I enrolled myself at college. I studied Public Services for a year as I had the idea of going into that career path. The subject was not as challenging as I expected and so I changed my focus to improve my qualifications and results and continued to study while giving myself time to think about what I wanted to do as a career once I left college.

I worked for a year, giving myself a financially stable position as well as experience in working consistently. This was great but I decided I wanted more than an entry level retail position so I looked about for an open career path. I wanted to join a company that I knew would grow and allow my opportunities to expand, as well as my knowledge.

I came across Invotra and the opportunity to get a position in an apprenticeship in tech sales. After only 6 months in my apprenticeship, I am already so happy to have this opportunity.

I enjoy being able to meet many other apprentices at Invotra and in other organisations. Hearing other people’s stories of how their apprenticeships went and the challenges they have overcome, as well as their achievements is inspiring. 

Apprenticeships are great as they allow you to work towards your career goals as well as working your pay up the ladder of organisations. I always believed that apprenticeships only specialised in plumbing or electricians and other trades. Never did I know the limitless choices of apprenticeships you can go to. I’m glad I have chosen an apprenticeship as it’s already helped to grow my knowledge and professional skills in such a short time. 


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