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Ross Blythe - apprenticeship case study 

Advanced Level 4 Apprenticeship in Project Management and Level 6 Chartered Management Institute Degree

ross blythe

Ross Blythe completed his Level 4 apprenticeship and is now working on his Level 5 and 6 Chartered Management Institute Degree.

When I left college, I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do next. I worked at a supermarket for a couple of years, then decided I wanted to learn a trade and became an unofficial carpenter’s apprentice. I didn’t really enjoy the work, but liked the idea of working while learning, and started browsing apprenticeships online. Project management came out on top for me, as I thought it would be a really solid, transferable qualification. After I made the initial enquiry, the awarding body, QA, introduced me to Invotra and I officially joined in early January 2015.

To start with, I worked alongside Allie in HR, doing things like managing admin, travel itineraries etc. I soon realised there were opportunities to try out various roles and disciplines, so I offered up my help across all teams to grasp some knowledge and see which area I really liked. I moved into testing shortly after my time in HR, and it was a really helpful way to get to know the product. Shortly after that, I moved across to the service desk and became a service engineer, and have now recently been offered the opportunity to choose where I want to go, longer term, within the company. I’ve decided to go into our account management team, working alongside our technical account manager.

I studied ICT at GCSE, but I’ve picked up a lot more technical understanding since I joined Invotra. There are so many people here with a huge amount of knowledge – and importantly they are more than willing to teach apprentices. The level 4 Project Management course has helped give me a really well- rounded understanding and some great transferable skills too. I’m now working on my Level 6 Chartered Management Institute Degree, which I think is going to benefit me even further; I’ll feel more confident in my relationships with clients and it will give greater context to a lot of what I’m doing and seeing in the office every day.

Another good thing about the Level 6 qualification is that there are no exams, just dissertations, which suit my learning style so much better. I’m really glad I didn’t go to university; in fact, I often visit local schools with Invotra to talk to the students about alternative educational routes and why university isn’t the only path they should consider. I actually have a friend who studied project management at university, and I feel that the route I’ve taken and the fact that I’ve developed far more technical skills, is much better for me. I’ve also had the opportunity to learn from some really intelligent and skilled people, and get a recognised qualification at the end of it.

The more I have developed at Invotra, the more I have been able to apply the skills I have learned through my apprenticeship to real-world and working scenarios. Additionally, it has allowed me to push myself beyond my comfort zone which, in turn, has benefited me greatly.

I intend to continue my personal development both in my apprenticeship and in my work life.

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