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Georgia Ashby

Customer Success Associate

Georgia started her career at Invotra as an apprentice and in the last 3+ years has gone from strength to strength in the Live Service and Customer Success teams. Her confidence and success are a credit to the apprenticeship programme at Invotra and the course that she followed, and to her own hard work and determination:

I joined Invotra in November 2018, as a Live Service apprentice, studying for a level 3 Business Administration course.

When I joined Invotra I was new to Business Administration, but felt it was a good direction for my future career. My apprenticeship experience exceeded my expectations. I met amazing people, and had the privilege of working with, and learning from, really experienced and knowledgeable colleagues, while being able to work towards a qualification.

What surprised me about my apprenticeship work was how personalised it was to my role, and how it specifically helped me to succeed in my day to day responsibilities.

I have moved on from my initial Live Services role, where I helped to manage live service tickets, respond to customers and support in service reports to become a Customer Success  Associate. In my new role I work in the customer success team primarily as an account manager. I own our customer portal, GOV.invotra and support many internal processes. I also take part in the management team for Invotra Limited.In my 3 years I’ve grown a lot personally and professionally, my confidence has greatly improved and I now feel empowered to help support and drive the company forward in a much greater way than ever before.

One of my favourite things about my journey so far has been that I never knew where my career would take me. I just followed whatever I was most passionate about and I’ve loved where it’s taken me so far and can’t wait to see where it leads me next. Invotra has allowed me to develop and move to the areas I found I had the greatest strengths, and challenged me to try things I might not have thought about.

Even though I am a woman in the tech world, I have never felt like a woman in tech. Working for Invotra I’ve never felt defined by gender or ever felt that it was a factor in my work. Outside of Invotra, I am proud to tell people I am a woman in tech and to talk about how I have been successful. I hope that maybe others will be inspired that it’s never been a factor to hold me back.

I am fortunate that my parents have always been great role models for me, my Dad always inspired me to go for what I wanted no matter how difficult or overwhelming it may seem.

My Mum has been my greatest inspiration, she works in a leading role and has worked in tech companies all her life. She’s never been afraid to speak her mind but is also really personable and supportive, qualities I try to emulate in my work.

If anyone was considering choosing a career in tech, I’d say go for it! I’ve loved working in tech, it’s fast pace and the variety of work has really suited me. And for any women, or girls thinking about working in tech I’d encourage them to not be afraid to reach out to your fellow women in tech. I’ve loved the support of the women who work around me and have made friends for life.