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Ideas application strengthens Intranet toolset, encouraging innovation within organisations

Innovation is a buzzword that organisations often include in their brand guidelines. We all want to be innovative but how do we encourage that culture, all the way through organisations?

Invotra Intranet Ideas helps organisations really listen to employees, and learn from their experience and creativity, from the bottom to the top.

Designed and tested for a major central government customer, Invotra has launched the new Ideas tool which is now available to all existing and new customers.

With the Ideas App, employees can submit an idea for consideration. An Ideas Administrator, perhaps an Intranet Manager, can manage all ideas submitted, categorise, monitor popularity and track comments.  Ideas are moderated and no idea is visible to other users until it has been approved.

An Ideas Dashboard can be created to attract and encourage participation and engagement; there’s @ mentioning functionality, notifications and users can comment on their own and others ideas. The ideas ‘form’ is created and personalised by the Intranet owners – all fields are customisable.

To ensure ideas are acted upon, they can be assigned quickly and efficiently to the correct team to assess and consider business feasibility.  Valuable ideas, which could potentially make or save organisations money, can be rewarded with both recognition and financial incentives. The Ideas Administrator can export ideas to a .csv file.

Invotra Ideas is a collaborative way to keep your organisation evolving and involve staff in making changes across the organisation.


Monday, April 23, 2018