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Invotra’s application for G-Cloud 12 successful

Invotra is proud to announce we have been successful in our application for a place on the HM Government’s G-Cloud listings, for the 7th year running.

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Invotra is a leading SaaS provider of enterprise intranet and portal solutions. Every day, hundreds of thousands of people around the globe rely upon our secure software services.

Invotra provides you with an enterprise-ready intranet that will give you both control and flexibility in a highly secure and accessible way.

Our customers include UK Government departments such as: Home Office, Department for Work & Pensions, HMRC and Department for Transport, as well as local authorities such as Reading Borough Coucil, Stevenage, East Herts and West Midlands Combined Authority, .

What is G-Cloud?

The Government Cloud encourages the adoption of cloud computing across the U.K. government, as opposed to on-premises alternatives. Public sector organisations can use the Digital Marketplace to evaluate offers from technology suppliers who are affiliated with the U.K. Government, and who provide cloud hosting, cloud software and/or cloud support.

Invotra (and its predecessor iO1) is proud to have been on the UK Government’s G-Cloud Digital Marketplace framework from the very beginning, in 2012.

Why the Cloud?

Moving to a Cloud SaaS platform provides flexibility to your IT infrastructure and application choices. Buying from the Cloud allows you and your teams to pay for only that which you need, removing the requirements to procure systems, applications and hardware and maintain them yourself. The responsibility of the management of the infrastructure shifts to the supplier.

Additionally, buying Cloud services removes CapEx (capital expenditure) from your IT budget. Procuring pay-as-you-go Cloud services, for only the services you and your team need, shifts the CapEx to OpEx (operating expenses), with no depreciation effects.

Invotra’s G-Cloud 12 listings

For 2020, we have 24 offerings, within the categories of cloud software and cloud support. Our services are hosted on AWS (Amazon Web Services).
As part of our Cloud Software offering on G-Cloud 12, we now offer 4 listings:

  • Invotra Enterprise Intranet – A completely customisable intranet in design and function, with instant publishing, enterprise search and collaborative apps. Built-in analytics measure user engagement on the intranet, while global roles ensure security and governance. Invotra Enterprise intranet integrates with over 2,000 applications.

  • Invotra Flex Intranet -Supporting organisations to design, structure and present work information in a clear, collaborative way. From policies and manuals to profiles and groups, Invotra Flex intranet offers enterprise functionality without lengthy contracts — ideal for smaller organisations or teams who want flexibility. Only pay for monthly active users.

  • Invotra Extranet Portal – Gives partners and stakeholders restricted intranet access to create, exchange and view information. Control access to content creation features such as news and policies, as well as applications like groups and ideas. Extranet portal includes targeted information architecture and optional access to people, teams or locations directories.

  • Invotra Staff Directory – makes it easy to organise and search for employees across multiple teams and locations. The staff directory is populated manually or autonomously through your Active Directory/HR System. Search skills, roles, interests and more. Email, call or follow users’ actions through profiles. Includes organisational and team charts.

Additionally, Invotra offers a range of consultancy services as part of our Cloud Support offering on the G-Cloud 12 framework. As experienced, Cloud-Support Service providers, we offer a multitude of professional resources to assist any organisation with their journey into the Cloud. We have carefully designed our Cloud services to aid you in planning, implementation, training, management & maintenance of your platform, in order to help you achieve your Digital Strategy.

For more information or to book a free demo, contact us.