The rise of the intranet

In the US, the rise of the intranet is becoming evident. Employees are demanding digital transformation, be it intentional or inadvertently - and organizations have little choice but to respond. The Economist Intelligence Unit Employee Experience (2019) survey reveals that 51% of US based survey respondents extensively discuss and evaluate their Employee Experience, compared to … Continue reading The rise of the intranet

What drives us…

In February of this year, I attended SaaStr 2019, in San Jose. As you can imagine it delivered on the mandate of shared experiences, inspiring & connecting founders of SaaS companies spanning the globe. The line up was strong, with a range of awesome sessions spanning product, sales, funding etc. Almost three months later, one … Continue reading What drives us…

Build it, and they will come

It’s been anticipated that the global enterprise software market will exceed US$ 500 Billion by 2022. (Reuters) Yet despite this size & scale, one astonishing thing I’ve learnt is that while many organizations have impressive objectives and mission statements, a staggering number of these organizations don’t prioritize an intranet platform that will support their employees to … Continue reading Build it, and they will come

Calling all change agents!

Denver startup week is the largest event of its kind in North America, with last week’s event attracting over 20,000 registrations alone. It says a lot about Denver as a location; as the definitive tech hub between the East & West coast, Colorado is the fastest growing state economy, and number one in entrepreneurship & … Continue reading Calling all change agents!

Being part of the change

UK Government was mandated to change significantly in recent years. This requirement arose from departments frequently spending millions of pounds on ICT, in exchange for lengthy, ineffective and often unsuccessful IT implementations which had been designed to underpin and support their objectives. At Invotra, we made a conscious decision to be an innovative part of … Continue reading Being part of the change