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4 Tips For Starting An Apprenticeship

My First Weeks In The Workplace

Monica Rowlinson

Before starting at Invotra, I was worried about how I would fit in having never been “tech savvy” or good with computers. Growing up, I had always thought that the office/corporate environment may not have been a good fit for me, however, when the opportunity arose to explore a digital marketing apprenticeship, I realised that your experience will vary from company to company. ‘Office/corporate’ doesn’t have to equate to repetitive, or dull, like I had once assumed. I’ve learnt in my short time that a great culture and positive relationships between employees matters more than the ‘type’ of job. I would never have imagined myself in this kind of position before, but I couldn’t be happier with my decisions and the path I am on.

Becoming part of the team

The thing that surprised me the most after joining invotra is the team. Everyone has been more welcoming and supportive than I could have wished for. I was worried that, as I was joining as an apprentice, I would be pushed aside or wouldn’t be seen as a true part of the team, but it’s been the complete opposite. I have felt so comfortable with everyone and have been able to freely ask questions to whoever may be around at the time. I instantly felt like I was part of the team, being pushed and given real tasks to do within the first few days. It’s so nice to feel included and recognised despite being so new. It’s clear to see that every single team member is treated with equal importance and value, and this has really stood out to me.

Improving my technical knowledge

Knowing that I may be a bit behind on tech knowledge, I did a bit of research into Invotra before my start date. I learnt that Invotra essentially provides intranets – internal communication networks – for various companies to help them better share resources and information between employees to become more efficient. Although I did this research beforehand, most of my learning has come from being within the work environment through talking to others or simply just listening.

Getting to know my new role

As a digital marketer, my role will involve promoting and selling Invotra’s intranet. I was interested in this role as it combines my interests in people and communication, problem solving, and graphic design. I have already been able to put these into practice through tasks like helping to create social media posts. I, like many young people, have felt pressured growing up to know exactly what I want to do in the future, but this apprenticeship will give me a chance to explore within a real workplace and find where I best fit in.

My tips for new apprentices

1. Research

Come in on your first day with a bit of background knowledge. Finding out a bit about your company or the apprenticeship topic will help you feel more confident and calm your first day nerves – nothing will be too much of a surprise or seem too daunting. But also remember- you’ll be expected to be coming in with no previous knowledge or experience, so don’t be afraid to admit if you don’t know something! They are there to help.

2. Talk

Talk to as many people as you can. It’s important that you get to know the team so you can know their roles and who you can go to for help with what. Ask as many questions as you need, as this is the best way you’ll learn. The sooner you get to know everyone, the more comfortable you’ll feel in your new work environment.

3. Take notes

I know sometimes it feels silly, but take notes about what you’re doing and new things that you learn. You’ll have a lot to take on in your first week, and so it’s easy to forget what you need to do and you can easily lose track of your tasks. Writing things down will also help you when putting together a portfolio for the apprenticeship, as the more evidence and tasks you can add, the better.

4. Make the most of it

Through the apprenticeship take on as many opportunities as you can. The more you push yourself, the more you’ll learn. If you are given the opportunity to go to an event, lead a project, or try anything new that might be out of your comfort zone, take it! It will feel daunting at the time, but you will quickly gain confidence. Be proactive- there will always be something for you to do or learn, so don’t wait until you’re given a task. Use your initiative and use your time to do research, or learn something that you need for your role. For example, in my extra time at work, I’ve been learning how to design websites on WordPress, and improving my skills with Adobe. If you’re still not sure what to do, just ask!

Digital marketing is a whole new world to me and so I’m excited for the new experiences, such as attending events and learning new skills. I’m looking forward to my journey as an apprentice at Invotra and what the future holds.

If you are interested in an apprenticeship in Invotra, or want to find out more about our apprenticeship programme, have a look at our apprenticeship pages.

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