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5 days and 5 learnings: my first week at Invotra

So my first week Invotra has flown past, and what a week it’s been! I’ve been reflecting a little on what I’ve learned so far (although this is only the beginning…)

Headquarters in Woking

  1. Here at Invotra they move fast. Literally, and figuratively. The product is continually evolving, with a number of enhancements in the pipeline (not to mention dodging ping pong balls at my desk!).
  2. Enabling a Brilliant Civil Service: I spent an interesting couple of days at Civil Service Live, where I got to speak with a number of existing and potential customers. I also got to hear some great advice from communications experts from across UK Government showcasing some brilliant examples of best practice.
  3. Accessibility is key. I’m going to be hearing, and speaking, a lot more about this. You may have read Fintan’s previous blog about working with Leonie Watson; watch this space for more info!
  4. Open and honest: Everyone I’ve spoken to here is open, breathtakingly honest, and at least a tiny bit proud of what they do.
  5. Assimilation is inevitable: On day five, I had my first egg-based lunch. The first of MANY I am sure…

I’ve spent the last ten years in a variety of roles across the marketing mix. Having worked on a number of web projects (both internal intranets and customer facing) I’m looking forward to taking a more holistic approach to support Invotra’s journey within the digital workspace.

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