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We stand with the people of Ukraine against this inhumane breach of human rights. We are in awe of their brave fight and unwillingness to give in to defeat and will do whatever we can to support our colleagues and friends in their hour of need.
Ми виступаємо разом з народом України проти цього нелюдського порушення прав людини. Ми вражені їхньою хороброю боротьбою і протистоянням, та зробимо все можливе, щоб підтримати наших колег і друзів у цей важкий час

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5 features of publishing on your intranet that will save you time

Publishing on your intranet to save time

  1. Scheduled Publishing – Scheduled publishing allows content owners and editors to effectively plan and distribute content out to a wider audience at the correct time. Having the functionality to inject content into your system and with the additional option to target to specific users, creates a seamless and stress free approach to getting content live.
  2. Simple Import / Export – This often overlooked feature can sometimes prove to be a right pain. Particularly if you have existing content from a previous system that you value and intend to publish to a new platform. Simple import / export should present no difficulty and remains a straightforward process.
  3. Multi-step workflow – Content creation can come from a multitude of users if allowed. Managing the logistics of content through draft, needs review and ready to publish can get messy – especially the larger your organisation gets. With content editors and publishers, content is submitted to its correct department and body to review and either amend, request changes or schedule to be published.
  4. Custom content types – Being able to create your own content types that apply to your organisations branding or key message can help develop that company personality you are trying to get across. Whilst also having a variety of individual content types allows a content creator to apply a style or particular approach associated to the content they wish to produce. This reduces the amount of time spent editing and designing the content to best depict the story or message it holds.
  5. Revision and Version control – Having the ability to switch back to a previous or newly created version or revision of a piece of content to reflects changes in the business or organisation protocol is extremely useful. Switching documentation in/out easily for users to find will avoid any delays in getting to information or knowledge stored on your intranet.

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