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5 must haves when switching to a new intranet system

1. Mobile Working – Mobile working is crucial in modern organisations.  Mobility is more than just being able to work while travelling, it has become more about complete flexibility in working practices. Having the ability to contribute to tasks and documents whilst away from your desk encourages a new multitude of productivity.

2. Secure Data Migration – This process can either make or break your implementation. In fact, it might be prolonging your decision to move to a new system through fear of such a vast data transfer and the associated complications.

3. Adaptability / Integration – Adaptability of a system provides a unified interface into which other lines of business systems can integrate, with minimal disruption to end users, and at a pace that works for you. This might be for SSO, API’s or Directories.

4. Powerful Search – Locating relevant documentation and knowledge on your intranet system might have proven a laborious task on a previous system. Powerful search functionality and information architecture simplify the layout of your knowledge and make it easier to discover.

5. A fully supported application and service – Whilst it’s great onboarding your new intranet system and you’re excited by its arrival you need to know how to get the best out of it. If a new system isn’t supported then it might as well join the pile of redundant predecessor’s.

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