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5 reasons you’re breaking up with your Intranet and moving on to a new platform!

1. It’s high maintenance! – You’ve put up with its demanding and attention absorbing nature for too long now. There is only so much searching you can do for the same documents time and time again. Creating your own little techniques and tips for navigation and saving the things you like. It should be smoother and more fluid than that right?

2. Trust – One minute it performs as you had previously experienced, the next its slow to run, lacks consistency and is starting to work better for others. You need an intranet you can trust to provide the information you need to help make your working day more productive! The less trust you have in your intranet the less engaged you will be with it! Simples!

3. It’s getting outdated – It’s getting old, a bit tired and has stopped being innovative and exciting for you. You know exactly what to expect from it day after day. It doesn’t update you with fresh and invigorating content. The design and layouts have been the same since the day it was installed, you knew this was going to be the case one day, you just wish it would surprise you or keep you on your toes a bit more?

4. It’s untidy! – You’ve had enough of random documents and content that have been sitting on your intranet for an unimaginable amount of time now. You need documentation to be neatly organised and structured in a systematic architecture to help reflect the current state of business and you know its just not up to the challenge.

5. You’ve noticed something new – It can be hard to admit sometimes, but you’ve found something you really like the look of and want to get to know it better. Like people, software and products change and develop. They acquire a new found needs and desires they wish to explore. Not only that, but there is a need to keep up with the times in order to progress your business capabilities!

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