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5 steps to a simple migration

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  1. Use it as an opportunity

    Migrating to a new platform provides a rare opportunity to eliminate all of the problems faced in your current platform. Use the features of the new platform to eliminate any unorthodox processes or workarounds that your workforce might have adopted.

  2. Delete as much old/obsolete content as possible

    As soon as you know that a migration is imminent, start clearing out all of that dud content! The less content that needs to be migrated the better, don’t be a content hoarder.

  3. Know your content early

    Right from the off you need to know your content and exactly who is responsible for it. Multitudes of time is wasted on chasing content owners before a decision can be made to retain, update or remove it.

  4. Communicate and engage

    Stay in constant communication with the supplier and help in any way you can. If you want to avoid those late night migration headaches this is key. Engaging with the supplier will add aid on both ends; from content mapping through to IA in the new platform. If you’re not on the same page as the workforce migrating your content you’re in for a nightmare!

    In addition, physical presence can be a huge factor. We have done large scale migration for a Government client and weekly face-to-face time with key players was a key component in the success.

  5. Don’t panic

    Relax. Choose your supplier carefully and I’m sure you’ll be in capable hands. Migration is always the scariest and usually the toughest part of moving to a new platform, and that isn’t helped along when people panic and make rash decisions.

    Plan early, help as much as you can and there’s nothing to worry about.

Happy migrating.

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