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5 Top Considerations When Moving Intranet

Moving intranet can be a long decision process. From crucial steps such as understanding what it is you want from an intranet, to realising how each user’s experience may need to be personalised, and then getting buy-in from all stakeholders on which provider to select, a move to a new intranet can be daunting.

At Invotra, we have been helping organisations with moving their intranets since 2014 . The 5 steps below cover some of the top considerations to help you through the process of finding, and moving to a new intranet.

1. Managing the process of moving intranet

Understanding what you want from the intranet from the beginning is key to a good rollout. Identifying user needs, successful migration of existing documents and integrations must be carefully considered too.

Working with an organisation who have the experience to support you with this research, and advise you on each step of the move by managing the project is key to ensuring that this process will go smoothly and to creating a superior intranet experience.

2. Tools you need to build the intranet

Your intranet should give you the ability to change the look and feel of your intranet experience. One of the key fundamentals of an organisation’s intranet is to ensure that the organisation’s vision and culture is clear to all employees. According to Trade Press Services, effective internal communications motivate 85% of employees to become more engaged in the workplace. Therefore, the ability to change the look and feel of the intranet experience, simply and at any point in time, throughout the whole site and within individual messaging is crucial.

3. Security is a key consideration for your new intranet

Modern intranets act as a single unified interface for company-wide information and tools. Everything from data to emails to enterprise apps are stored in a cloud-based internal network that employees can easily access quickly and easily. This means, if the intranet security is compromised, hackers and cyberthieves can also view your entire organisation’s data from a single entry point.

Security is key with any application that an organisation may be using. Edgescan’s 2022 Vulnerability Statistics Report analysed the severity of web application vulnerabilities. It found that almost one-in-ten vulnerabilities in internet-facing applications are considered high or critical risk. Statistics from the UK government and PwC indicate that the average cost of a security breach for big businesses was around £1.46 million last year.

How users log on to the intranet is key. The ability to have Single Sign On or Multi Factor Authentication to access the site is a must. Additionally, understanding where your data is stored is fundamental to ensuring UK data standards. Having data reside outside the UK opens up the prospect of challenging situations if the data is not correctly stored and encrypted. With Invotra, we help solve all of these issues and ensure all users have a secure and succinct experience with our intranet.

4. Identifying and measuring the success of a new intranet

Ensuring that you have access to the right quality support is fundamental to the intranet being a success in the long term. Having an organisation with Customer Success at its core will enable you to get a return on your investment as quickly as possible.

Metrics for intranet use should be inbuilt in your intranet, but Customer Success teams need to be on hand to help you understand and act on this data.

These teams should also be able to update you on the roadmap for product releases, new features or ideas you may have with the product that you would like to see added and help with onboarding for your new users.

5. Intranet accessibility for all users

You need to be sure 100% of your users are able to access the new intranet. Research from RNIB reveals that there are 84500 registered blind and partially sighted people in the UK of working age. Successful adoption of your intranet means ensuring all users can access the intranet and giving all users equal access to content and to engage with the organisation and their fellow employees.

Moving intranet can be daunting but shouldn’t be overwhelming. Our Moving Intranet Guide offers more resources on this challenge, and is there to help you at every stage of a move to a new intranet.

You can also contact us to discuss any issues you are facing with an intranet move, or book a demonstration to see how an Invotra intranet could help solve your internal comms challenges – Talk to us

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