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60 Seconds with our Analytics Product Lead, Lindsay

60 Seconds with our Analytics Product Lead, Lindsay
‘I help customers track users and tell data stories, demonstrating intranet engagement’

lindsay macvean

Can you tell us about your role and responsibilities at Invotra?

I am responsible for developing the analytics roadmap for the product. I also educate the rest of the company on analytics, through sessions such as ‘lunch and learn’ (where pizza is provided)! I also specify new analytics tasks in future releases.

How did your journey begin at Invotra?

I saw a job listing on Woking Council’s website and decided to directly contact Invotra’s CEO, Fintan Galvin. Funnily enough, this occurred whilst I was living in a Buddhist temple.

What is important to you when it comes to working culture?

Integrity is highly important to me. The people here are self-aware, enabling them to identify the true cause of problems. Previous experience has shown that often the reason certain things don’t work is because people don’t understand when they are part of the problem. This company has an incredible ability to make the necessary changes to overcome problems. Also, having fun and being technically innovative.

Tell us about a project that you’re working on…

Personalising people’s experience within the product through SSO (single sign-on), which would import people’s personal details from an outside directory. The idea is to make it configurable by the intranet manager.

What is one surprising/interesting fact that people don’t know about you?

Many people aren’t aware that I’m clinically deaf at high frequencies which means I don’t always hear people if there is background noise.

Name one career goal that you would like to achieve in the coming year…

I’d like to become the product owner for analytics, not just the product lead.

Is there anyone in particular, living or dead, that has inspired you throughout your career progression?

Bryan Cantrill (CEO of Joyent & sponsors of Node JS) because he fundamentally believes in the oral history of computing dating back to the ’50s. He tells stories of the creators of UNIX, and the reason why the industry has evolved the way it has. If you get a chance to hear him speak I highly recommend it.

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