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60 Seconds with our Head Of Compliance And Events, Lauren

60 Seconds with our Head Of Compliance And Events, Lauren

Lauren Taylor

Can you tell us about your role and responsibilities at Invotra?

I organise all of the company’s internal and external events, including conferences and seminars. This entails liaising with our partner companies to ensure success, carrying out risk assessments, handling invitations and marketing materials etc.  I’m also in charge of managing our security standards and accreditations, including ISO:27001:2013 and ISO:9001:2015. I also organise the office ‘jollies’.

How did your journey begin at Invotra?

I interviewed for the Executive Assistant role, but the senior management felt that it wasn’t my true calling. After 7 hours of interviewing, I was given the title of ‘Business Coordinator’ instead. Invotra’s board members supported me in quite a few areas such as marketing/social media and finance/facilities until I found my passion for events and compliance.  

What is important to you when it comes to working culture?

Not being too restricted. I don’t like being micromanaged, I thrive better being free to manage myself. I love the flexibility around working hours. Invotra are always very understanding when it comes to people having families.  

Tell us about a project that you’re working on…

Currently, I am working on ISO:9001. This entails implementing quality management systems around all processes within the organisation. 

What is one surprising/interesting fact that people don’t know about you?

I’ve got a condition called ‘clinodactyly’ which means that my little fingers are curved on both hands!  Unfortunately, it means that I am challenged when it comes to playing musical instruments!

Name one career goal that you would like to achieve in the coming year…

To successfully run a large, interactive conference for intranet managers.

Is there anyone in particular, living or dead, that has inspired you throughout your career progression?

My dad, as he’s been very successful over the years. I find it extremely fulfilling to share my achievements with him. Seeing and hearing how proud he is, makes me happy.  

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