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8 ways to deliver great customer success

Invotra understands the value of regular interaction with its customers - whether that is reviewing open issues, providing ad hoc training for new features, or sharing the product road map.  This interaction is much appreciated and allows us to better use the product to meet our business needs.
Dave Simon
IT Director, Sierra Club, California, USA

In the world of Software as a Service (SaaS), many organisations offer Customer Success departments. This is rarer in other industries, who often focus on providing Customer Service or Customer Support departments instead.

At Invotra we believe customer success is all about connecting quality service and committed support, which our increased customer engagement and fantastic retention rates have shown to be true. Our hard working Customer Success team ensure customers have everything they need to succeed by following these 8 steps:

1. Providing quality and reliable Customer Service

Customer service is a role we expect to find in most sectors and businesses, however we have all faced examples of poor customer service. Think about calling your bank… rarely is it an easy, quick or helpful experience. Automation, cost cutting and detachment from real people have often led to customers facing switchboards, infinite menu options and AI, slowly replacing “good old fashioned” customer service.
To ensure our customers avoid the difficult situations above, we build our customer service around the key principles of:

  • Knowing the goals your customers and stakeholders are trying to achieve with your product and understanding their needs based on those goals.

  • Having a mutual respect and understanding of what each of your roles are, what you both expect and how best to communicate

  • Working with honesty and integrity

2. Closely managing our Customer Support

As with customer service, customer support has suffered corporate streamlining and cost cutting measures. Especially for larger vendors, customer support is often triaged by outsourced first line support staff and, while this is certainly the most cost effective way of dealing with customer support, it is rarely the best.
Invotra customers can depend on swift responses and resolution of issues from a team who:

  • Work to predefined service level agreements  (SLAs)so your customers know what and when to expect resolution.

  • Apply a human approach. If our account managers are able to help or support, we will. Whether that be jumping on a call, supplying documentation or providing the necessary steps.

  • Use a service desk solution which tracks and updates the customer on their query.

  • Provide comprehensive documentation and training around all products to help teams and individuals take a deeper dive into the systems they are using. 

3. Striving for excellent Customer Success

In the world of Software as a Service (SaaS), many organisations offer Customer Success departments. This is rarer in other industries, who often focus on providing Customer Service or Customer Support departments instead.
Customer success is nothing new, just a new name for pre-existing customer relationship models done well and supporting each other. When you have excellent support and service, customer success is a natural progression.

The Customer Success team at Invotra provides regular interaction with customers; reviewing open issues, training and documentation on new features, and engaging with customer stakeholders about the future of the product. 

4. Thinking like our customers

Understanding what customers are trying to achieve is key to their success with your product. At Invotra, our account managers are champions of our customers both internally and externally. They are dedicated to their accounts and understand their goals, challenges and industries. 

5. Celebrating our customers' success

We report on our customers’ victories both great and small. Whether it’s a small workstream which has just completed or a huge project executed over a number of years – celebrate it, especially if it comes off the back of using your product. We publish case studies with our customers to highlight the great achievements they’ve made using their Invotra Intranet, and share best practices with all of our customers.

6. Personalising communications

There is no one size fits all for customers of differing sizes and sectors. We have customers as small as 50 users who require vastly different means of contact to another with 120,000+ users. Knowing how best to communicate with all your customers is key to aiding their success. For Invotra, that includes:

  • Public events such as our monthly PanGov meetings with all our Government customers

  • Internal collaboration meetings when we work closely together on research projects

  • Regular 1-1 calls and meetings with customer stakeholders.

7. Providing straightforward, tailored an efficient onboarding

This is the foundation to your customers’ success, the first step in their journey. Invest the right time and people in the onboarding of your customers, and tailor the approach to whether they’re a small or enterprise customer. Our onboarding team transition the customer to the customer success team just before their service goes live, so everyone is acquainted prior to their service going live.

8. Getting the right people

Not everyone makes a great account manager and that’s OK. We know what we look for in our account managers and what characteristics our customers need from our team. Nurturing your talent and helping them develop is key to ensuring your customers get the very best experience.

What does getting Customer Success right mean to Invotra?

Our account managers are dedicated to working directly with customers and stakeholders to ensure they achieve their goals. As a result of following the principles outlined above, since 2014, over the last 8 years, Invotra has had a 90% customer retention rate.

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