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Being part of the change

UK Government was mandated to change significantly in recent years. This requirement arose from departments frequently spending millions of pounds on ICT, in exchange for lengthy, ineffective and often unsuccessful IT implementations which had been designed to underpin and support their objectives.

At Invotra, we made a conscious decision to be an innovative part of the much needed change.

We see it like this – Governments run Cities, States & Countries. The Digital Workplace ensures all employees can run Government effectively. People interact with Government at a time of need – be it a tax return, passport application, welfare matter – they’re generally vital interactions. While we play in a niche space, we take the job of being the backbone of this, very seriously. We thrive on our role as supporting and enabling users to effectively service the citizens.

Government is attracting younger, more innovative talent to help with this, often luring them from the private sector on the promise of being ‘part of the change’. We saw this in UK and we’re seeing it here in the USA. Accompanying this digital evolution, is the changing Digital Workplace. Teams are working in different locations, from numerous devices, and require ease of access, targeting and personalisation of information. The speed, agility and frequency of which information changes, is also a consideration. Extrapolating information and maximizing the unspoken value of organizational data and intelligence is now a standard requirement, rather than a luxury. Reusing content is key. Accessibility is a must. We recognise & are prepared for this evolution, and work hard to stay ahead of the curve.

We’ve witnessed significant, positive developments in Government in recent years. While there is always work to be done, recognition needs to be given to the innovative teams who aren’t afraid to deviate from the multi-billion point corporations, because it’s, (on the surface) the ‘safe option’, it’s quite often not the case, and to the leaders who set these wheels in motion a number of years ago.

Our team has worked hard, fast, remained engaged and passionate and at the end of the day, thrive on user satisfaction. We’ve learnt what works, what doesn’t, as well as what is needed down the line. Delivering to almost half of UK Government in a short number of years, competing with billion dollar multinationals in the process, is a true testament to the power of Invotra’s Digital Workplace.

The sentiments echoed by Jared Kushner as part of the recent White House Tech Week confirmed what we already knew. Invotra are in a truly incredible position to help US Government departments digitally evolve, by sharing our experience and battle scars attained in recent years! The resounding theme included:

  • A greater need for improving GovTech – tick
  • Migrating to the cloud – tick
  • Modernizing antiquated systems – tick
  • Returning control to departments – tick
  • Eliminating the need for lengthy change request processes – tick

Add cost saving initiatives as well as providing enhanced user experiences into the mix and you have, quite frankly, a no brainer. We’re ready to help Government deliver digital transformation. We are truly passionate about enabling US Government (& enterprise, it goes without saying) to share in the same wins & gains that their UK counterparts have in recent years.

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