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Benefits of moving your intranet to the cloud

In today’s digital age, there are an abundance of reasons why any organisation may want to move to the cloud, with the benefits spreading through all levels of a business.


One of the biggest benefits brought by cloud computing is flexibility.

Where files and programs used to be stored on-premise, with the solutions being limited by the amount of “iron” your IT department could throw at any one problem, nowadays, all of this computing is hosted in the cloud.

This allows your staff the freedom to access software or files wherever and whenever – increasing their ability to perform business-critical tasks and paving the way for new developments such as flexible working.


Cloud computing is hugely scalable. Traditionally, when planning for times when traffic was expected to be high, extra servers and licenses would have to be bought. However, with cloud, any spikes or troughs in traffic are accounted for immediately by your supplier. By “up-scaling” and “down-scaling” your service according to the real-time needs of the system, your organisation is able to massively reduce wasted resource and cut costs.


Security should be a foremost concern for any modern business. With cyber-attacks only becoming more sophisticated and frequent, it is imperative that extensive controls and best practices are set out in order to minimise risk. However, by migrating to the cloud, a huge amount of this responsibility is taken on by suppliers such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) who have vast resources to pull from in order to ensure that they are providing an extremely secure service to end-users.

As well as providing you with the expertise and resources of massive companies who are dedicated to cybersecurity, moving to the cloud also secures your data on a more personal level – reducing issues such as lost data and reducing the cost to the business of issues such as lost laptops (as the users can simply import their latest backup to a new device).


Moving to the cloud can also bring about financial benefits, for example through reduced cost to the business. By utilising subscription models such as SaaS, where you may pay for each user who is utilising the system, you are able to ensure you are only paying for exactly what you need.

Another way in which moving to the cloud can save your organisation money is through equipment and maintenance costs. You no longer have to worry about paying IT to stay late in order to update systems, all of that is handled by your supplier. On top of this, by drastically reducing the amount of hardware which your IT department requires, you save money both from not having to purchase these items, and by not having to dedicate space for these items to be stored.

At Invotra, we look to all these points and more when providing our services, ensuring that you are able to get exactly what you need, how you need it.

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