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Christmas Party 2014

We started the night in the office with everyone dressing up into their suitably themed Ping-Pong outfits – ranging from a ping-pong ball bride, “Batman”, 118 team and many a retro get-up! We all played a few games of table tennis and beer pong to warm up, whilst enjoying a few drinks. Batman also tested out his prototype fool proof bat!

We set off from Woking with the popular ping-pong bar, Bounce, insights. When we arrived we were amazed by the atmosphere which was lively and electric. We were shown to ‘the gallery’ area which turned out to be the perfect area for all the team to enjoy themselves for our evening.

The Bounce staff were fantastic and brought us over a range of snacks and amazing homemade pizzas to pick at throughout the night. They also provided us 2 games-makers who hosted our tournament and kept us busy at the table!

The tournament commenced and was made up of our randomly selected teams from earlier in the night. It consisted of a new style of play which we weren’t used to, back in the office. Each doubles team had to take it in turns per shot, and when the ball is flying at you, its far too tempting to hit it back so this caught a few of us out!

The semi-finals of the tournament saw new levels of competition, first, it was Charlie and Luke who fought off Emily and Nqobile in a tight game to earn a place in the final. Then it was myself and Paul’s turn to play against Chelsea and Jamie for a spot in the final, knowing we would be against Charlie and Luke, we buckled at the last hurdle and lost, sending Chelsea and Jamie into the final.

The final was a quick and painless experience for Charlie and Luke, who easily took the title with their well thought out tactics, winning the coveted Revolution 7000 bat! It was a fantastic night, enjoyed by all and something a little different that got everyone laughing and engaging with one another.

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