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Day to day life of being an Office Manager in a software company

“What do you do?” As an Office Manager I get asked this question a lot, people seem to forget that even for basic processes to happen there needs to be someone implementing them. Expenses, flights, internet installation, time tracking and even tea and coffee! There has to be someone there to organise and book these things, directors don’t have time to be flicking through flights to find the best deals for the fortnightly meetings. That’s where I come in!

Whenever anyone goes to a client site, I need to make sure they have accommodation and travel is sorted, if required, and I am the one that would be entrusted to research and book hotels in the area.

There is also the little things that need buying – tea, coffee, biscuits and milk. I try to keep the cupboards as full as possible when I can. Then there are the larger things such as monitors, new desks and headsets, where I would need to seek approval from a Director.  I’d get a request from a colleague and then have to source the most suitable product, factoring in price availability and reliability. When it arrives,  I will either set it up – or make it – such as tables, chairs and other office equipment!  My DIY skills have improved massively!!

Another important area I am responsible for is ensuring everyone has logged their time in our time tracking system.  This is a really important task as it ensures clients can see how much time has been spent on particular projects. This is very popular with our clients!  When everyone has logged all their time for the previous month I have to pull out reports to show what everyone has been working on and the total time spent on each project into a spreadsheet.

Recently, I have been focussing on the office relocation which is taking place in a couple of months. Drawing up a floor plan and working out what we will need in the new office, whether it is new desks, equipment, utilities and also helping to project plan the move.  Everything has to be in place before we move in.  No pressure then!

All throughout the month, I am tasked with collecting receipts from my colleague for travel and meetings and encourage them to ensure their expense sheets are correct.  At the end of the month I then input it into our accounting system.

As you can see, my role is extremely varied day to day and I work quietly in the background, ensuring the office runs like a well oiled machine!   Which I am glad to say it does!

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