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Demo video – share your identity and display your information clearly with Invotra’s flexible profile page

Share your identity and display your information clearly with our flexible profile page

Many of you reading this will have put together a profile page for yourself on a social platform before. You want to provide anyone who visits your page with relevant information about yourself so that they can better understand you as a person. 

This also rings true for a work-related profile page. Your colleagues need access to your organisational information such as what team you’re in, what your role is and whereabouts you sit on your organisational chart. However, it doesn’t end here. Other things that we know your fellow employees might want to know about you are:

  • Contact information
  • Skills
  • Interests
  • Badges
  • Personal bio
  • Social media information 

We have taken these things on board and created a flexible, customisable profile page that you can both manually populate (by filling in certain fields yourself) and automatically populate (using your Single Sign On system). We wanted our profile page to have a professional yet social feel that displayed relevant information clearly and one that was easily editable for users. 

Demo video 

To see the key features of an Invotra profile page, take a look at the demo video below. 


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