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Digital Engagement – Keeping the future workforce engaged. What will it take?

People born after 1997 have grown up with Social Media. Information about their online preferences following them everywhere they go. They can get information constantly displayed about things that they Googled once, two weeks ago. Can we say the same for interests and information in the workplace?

There’s a much talked about topic at the moment which is the Internet of Things. Real data intelligence is about to get ‘REAL’. How do we ensure that we can keep up with this in the workplace?

Could the ‘The Intranet of Things’ be there to engage the future workforce, ensuring that information is passed around as they’ve been used to in their everyday lives? Otherwise, will stepping into an office be like leaping back in time. If we want to remain at the forefront of tech innovation then we have to create innovative working environments. How can we use digital to make the workplace an inspiration, somewhere where people are driven to think naturally about digital and the benefits to the masses.

Enterprises also have to consider attracting new talent. Innovative thinkers are naturally going to be drawn to futuristic companies, where their innovative needs are met on a daily basis.

Some of us are getting together on the 9th September @ 6.30pm, IoD to discuss this further over a glass of wine. Discussion most welcome.…

The Intranet of Things – Innovation in the Workplace

Wednesday, Sep 9, 2015, 6:30 PM

Wine Bar, Institute of Directors
116 Pall Mall, London SW1Y 5ED London, GB

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The Internet of Things is hot news at the moment…’The Intranet of Things’ being your workplace equivalent.   Can you imagine a workspace where everything is connected digitally and the data from day to day tasks & interactions is collated around the clock? What would it look like if this data was subsequently analysed, deducing improvements th…

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