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Digital Feng Shui

With the introduction of smartphones and other smart devices such as tablets and PDAs over the last 10 years, there is an ever developing number of platforms for users, employees and individuals alike, to be continuously connected to their work and personal interests.

The multifaceted channels for which to receive, reply, contribute and engage with each other via these versatile smart devices allow workforce’s to adopt a more mobile and flexi-time approach to gaining and engaging in new business. Ultimately it allows users to keep in touch with projects, tasks, email and communications almost anytime in any place.

What does this mean for internal systems and platforms? It now means that what was once a ‘work starts when you walk into the office and finishes when you leave’ is no more. The revolution of technology has, in some cases unwillingly, forced employees and colleagues to collaborate and engage with one another on a more regular basis over a 24 hour period, acting as a catalyst toward completing a project or piece of work efficiently.

Is it healthy for us? …In whole, yes, it has increased levels of productivity and opportunities for new ventures and lines of business all over the globe but it may take some time to adapt to new methods of communicating and engaging. Although much like that of human instinct to survive, we either adapt or die, and that is the same when faced with adopting the rapidly advancing channels of technology to survive in business.

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