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The digital gym – Wish your organisation worked healthier?

We are just over 2 weeks of the way into 2015 and no doubt many of us have made a new years resolution to get ourselves fit and healthy. We might have also set ourselves new goals and objectives for the year at work or in business. Whatever the resolution, it is this time of the year that we reflect and try to identify areas to improve and develop in our lives. It is also apparent that a lot of what we are trying to achieve resonates upon the same principles! Some of which I will try to explain through the widely adopted process of getting fit and healthy…every new year!

You make the decision to get back or into the gym and make a conscious effort to improve ones fitness and health. As we all know, this new found enthusiasm is driven up as quickly as it comes down. Much like that found at work when trying to engage with your outdated and redundant intranet system. You can almost taste the value that it can add over time if given the time and attention it deserves. Whats the fix? Well…it could be that the gym you’re attending isn’t quite up to scratch, dusty machines, peeling paint and uninspiring staff! You need to consider switching to a new gym, with a social atmosphere, new equipment, engaged users and friendly and helpful trainers. Almost immediately you will notice a difference in maintaining your enthusiasm and motivation. When others around you are as inspired by the people and facilities it will encourage your regular use. Much like that of an outdated intranet, which will do its best to discourage users from engaging and ultimately impact the productivity levels of its members.

Everyone is trying to achieve different goals when concerning fitness, but whats important is that you all use the same facilities in a manner of different ways in order to accomplish those goals. Poor facilities + discouraged users = low productivity, whereas robust facilities + engaged users = productivity. It’s all very well saying this, but what backs it up is the opportunity that it provides its users to communicate, share, teach, learn and implement with one another thus gaining momentum and driving value. Almost like a cell growth effect, sharing knowledge and multiplying that resource to gain insight and inspire production.

If you want to maintain a new found enthusiasm, be it for fitness, intranets or otherwise, employ those relationships around you and build a team that can encourage subconscious desire to achieve. Modern intranets are the digital gym that you want to be a member at. Join Invotra!

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