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What is a Digital Workplace Portal?

Connect your internal and external users together with a digital workplace portal

Whether you’re a multinational, government department or non-profit, strengthen your external relationships by sharing your information and knowledge directly. Collaboration with those all-important external perspectives has never been easier with a digital workplace portal such as Invotra Portal.

Invotra Portal

Invotra Portal is the simple and secure way to give those on the outside the inside track. You can provide controlled access to your company’s information and give external users a true view of your organisation’s culture.

Invotra Portal allows you to bring external resources closer to your organisation and manage them in a far more efficient model than using email, chat or a task system where you can lose loads of latent knowledge.

Supporting customers, investors, member bases, partners, suppliers, students and teachers - the list goes on

– Deliver intuitive and secure communications tools to share your knowledge and resources.

– Give your third parties access to content creation features such as news and blogs.

– Access to applications such as Groups and Ideas mean that your externals can be engaged and involved. 

– Save valuable time by giving your externals sight of the original information you need them to see such as policies. Zero duplication and guaranteed governance.

– A multi-device experience, improving communication and increasing productivity. Turn your intranet into a catalyst for community building and effective learning.

Within Invotra, webmasters have control over Portal functionality including:

– Customisable homepage for externals, configurable by the intranet’s webmaster(s)

– Access to chosen site sections

– Targeted information architecture based on external users’ permissions

– What apps external users should have access to such as Groups, Message Wall, Ideas and Queries

– Whether or not external users can access the people, teams or locations directories

Our digital workplace portal is an extension to Invotra, it allows those important, authorised external users to connect to your intranet and create, exchange and contribute key information in a secure way.

Technical overview

For a technical explanation of how Invotra portal works, check out this blog – Invotra Portal – what is it and what makes it secure?

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