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Digital Workplace V Digital Workspace

I was recently asked internally to explain why we choose ‘Workspace’ and not ‘Workplace’ when describing Invotra.

We did think a lot about this at the time and we did have differing internal views on the topic initially. We settled on Workspace as we felt it more accurately describes the more ubiquitous nature of where people work.

When we started to consider the way in which people work, we immediately realised this contains countless active elements in countless locations and for each person this can be completely different. It’s at this point we realise that we start to lose a sense of place and the concept of an overarching or virtual space, makes more sense.

If we imagine that we have two people working in the same place, that have different work based tools that may or may not be present, accessible or shared, the concept of a workplace starts to become tenuous and difficult to maintain.

A conceptual digital space, however can be thought of as ever flexing / shape shifting environment that combines all this these elements and connects them in a dynamic model that allows for a single interface to make sense of it all.

Indeed this space spans and overlaps many places and can have its own individual context for each person even when they are physically in the same place.

So we decided that Workspace was a clearer reflection of what we are describing.

UPDATE: In the end we went with market forces and have cossed Digital Workplace as it seems to have become the industry norm.

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