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Discover Hidden Potential with People Directory

Brendan Carikas

The fast-paced and competitive business landscape has meant that to succeed organisations must leverage their most valuable asset—their people. Understanding the strengths, skills, and talents of employees and teams is crucial for achieving success. 

Invotra’s ‘People Directory’ feature is a powerful tool that allows organisations to identify gaps and strengths within their workforce. People Directory features can revolutionise your organisation, enabling you to make informed decisions, implement effective training initiatives, upskill your workforce, and seamlessly onboard new talent.

Harnessing the Power of People Directory:

Serving as a comprehensive repository of employee profiles, team profiles, and location profiles, and collecting information on both hard and soft skills, this feature empowers organisations to gain deep insights into the capabilities and competencies of their workforce.

Invotra uses profile information to create an org chart and team chart that offers your employees easy visibility on the company structure. The Invotra Org Chart exists both as a platform feature allowing users to navigate the structure of the whole organisation from top to bottom, and also as a feature on each user profile to show where each individual fits into the structure. Invotra also has a Team Chart feature with the same look and feel as the Org Chart but instead shows the breakdown of teams/departments throughout your organisation.

Whether accessed through the intuitive user interface (UI) or via API integration, the People Directory offers a range of benefits that can revolutionise the way you manage talent within your organisation.

org chart
Example of Invotra's Org Chart
Example of profile page
Example of Invotra's Profile Page

Identifying Gaps and Strengths:

Detailed employee profiles allow organisations to easily identify skill gaps in individuals and in teams, locations and the organisation as a whole. In-built dashboards provide further insights into the strengths individuals record in their profiles, and areas which may be missing, decision-makers can strategically allocate resources, foster collaboration, and maximise productivity. In-depth knowledge of employees’ interests and skills, both professional and personal, allows organisations to proactively address gaps and create a more balanced and high-performing workforce.

Example of profile page
Example of Invotra's Profile Page

Comprehensive Holistic Profiles Made for Informed Decisions:

Each profile within the People Directory provides a comprehensive overview of an individual’s skills, qualifications, experience, and achievements. This holistic approach enables organisations to make informed decisions when selecting team members for specific projects, identifying potential leaders, or identifying areas for improvement. By aligning individuals with roles that best match their skills and aspirations, organisations can optimise their performance and nurture employee engagement.

Driving Successful Training and Learning Initiatives:

A robust understanding of employee skills and competencies allows organisations to design and implement targeted training initiatives. Whether it’s upskilling current employees or onboarding new starters, the People Directory feature empowers organisations to align training programs with specific skill gaps or development opportunities. This targeted approach ensures that training investments are optimised, resulting in a highly skilled workforce capable of driving innovation and meeting evolving business needs.

The Invotra intranet includes a task list and induction progress report. This can be used, for example, to track which new starters have completed the reading of policies assigned to them. Within the administration pages, a full dashboard is available to show you how well this induction is going. Or you may have refreshed or published new manuals that you need a specific team, or employees at a certain location, to read. These tasks can be assigned to specific users, and a completion indicator displayed on your policies pages to remind users, and allow managers to check, that the content has been accessed and read. 

checklist example
update profile

Career Development:

Identifying the soft and hard skills of employees enables organisations to identify potential career paths and growth opportunities. By leveraging the insights provided by the People Directory, organisations can cultivate a culture of continuous learning and professional development. This not only increases employee satisfaction and retention but also empowers individuals to take charge of their career trajectory, resulting in a more motivated and engaged workforce.

People directory search page listing recently updated users, the current user profile and similar users profiles and a search field
People Directory Search Page
Invotra's Search

Connecting your workforce:

Employees can easily identify and interact with colleagues using user people profiles. Contact details are clearly displayed on user profiles and can be created as links, allowing users to directly connect to colleagues. An easy to use, targeted search, accessible from any part of the site, ensures all users can quickly find the details of colleagues and contact information they need. In addition to a people search, users can also quickly and easily locate teams, locations, and content. Breaking your search down into four different categories makes it more specific and the search process more efficient.

Invotra's Search

In summary, a comprehensive People Directory serves as an invaluable tool for organisations to streamline how their employees locate information, communicate and collaborate.

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