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Distributed publishing can be scary – 3 tips to help you get there

When moving from a centralised publishing model to a distributed one it can be scary. Here are some tips based on our experience with a customer of 90,000+ users.

You don’t have to lose all control whilst saving valuable hours

So, you’re looking to switch to a more distributed publishing model. It’s scary because all of a sudden you’ll be losing that general control over all publishing, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

We’ve faced these challenges with a customer that has over 90,000 employees. Control is very important when you’re sharing vital information to that many people, however, it’s also not efficient to be creating and moderating all of that content within a single, centralised editing team.

Using our distributed publishing functionality, you don’t need to lose all control. We have the concept of Global and Local publishing roles. This means that you can set up your intranet in a way that all content can be created locally, but still needs to be approved and published by your Global publishers, meaning that you can maintain control over what gets published throughout the intranet.

Create a style guide and content design document

Creating a consistent content style across the intranet is important in order for your end users to be able to navigate and read the information they need easily. When moving to a distributed publishing model it can be difficult to maintain that consistency in the content style with so many different people creating the content across the business.

In this case, we always recommend creating a style guide and content design document which everyone needs to abide by. This allows you to cut time in having to review and update content, as long as the content design document is being adhered to.

Use templates to ensure consistency across content

In order to maintain consistency, we recommend using templates to ensure that the same experience is provided across all content items of the same type.

This is valuable in order to allow your content consumers to easily distinguish different types of content. For example, a News article may be presented in a completely different way to a Policy.

Following these tips will allow you to roll out a distributed publishing model using your intranet whilst maintaining that ultimate control. For more information about how Invotra helps organisations do this, please get in touch.

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