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Elevating Quality Assurance with Automation

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Over the past few years, Invotra’s Quality Assurance (QA) team has relied predominantly on manual testing methods during our release cycles.

However, in 2022, we decided to take a dive into the realm of automation, which paved the way to creating our new QA Automation team at Invotra.

Although it is early days for our team, it is already evident that automation brings numerous benefits to our testing processes. In fact, we have already begun to experience some of the advantages of automation:

The Need For Speed​

Automation is helping us test faster than ever before, without compromising quality. Where some manual tasks previously took hours of our time, we can now run the same tests in minutes., an end to end testing solution, has been an invaluable tool in streamlining our testing processes. The platform’s low learning curve and straightforward implementation has allowed us to efficiently automate repetitive and time-consuming smoke testing suites and regression tests. This frees up our time to focus on more impactful testing that can’t be covered by automation.

In the last few months alone we have automated multiple testing suites, saving us vital hours of testing time while increasing the overall speed and efficiency of our tests.

Example of Cypress test suite catching new issues
Example of Cypress test suite catching new issues

The Super Scale Up

With the growing popularity of continuous delivery in the tech industry, the ability to scale testing processes has become more crucial than ever before.

At Invotra, we have found that leveraging automation has been instrumental in the evolution of our release and testing processes.

Automation has allowed us to become part of the ‘shift left’ testing movement. We can now run tests earlier than ever before, with the ability to execute hundreds of tests at the press of a button.

Our automated tests and checks have caught countless issues before QA testing even begins. By catching these issues early on, we’ve been able to streamline our development process, reduce risk, and maintain the highest levels of quality.

Coverage Confidence

This is probably my favourite part of introducing automated tests so far! We are now able to see exactly what test coverage we have.

With manual testing alone, it can be near impossible to track what areas of the product your tests cover without the use of messy spreadsheets and calculations galore.

Automation tools, including those we use at Invotra such as Cypress and Jest, provide us with clear coverage reports.

This has not only given us greater insight into the areas that require improvement in our automated testing suites but also enabled us to focus our manual testing efforts on specific areas of our product. As a result, we have optimised both worlds of testing, bringing greater efficiency and effectiveness to our overall approach.

A Cypress Coverage Report
A Cypress Coverage Report

Level Up!

Last but certainly not least, automation has allowed us to not only grow our processes but also our own skills.

As someone who was solely focused on manual testing, I’ve found it refreshing and insightful to expand my testing knowledge with automation and without a doubt, I feel like a better tester for it.

It’s been great to see my own views shared with the other members of our testing and development teams who have also taken a keen interest in automation and new ways of levelling up our quality.

To Conclude…

It’s amazing to see the impact that even a small amount of automation can have on quality.

As we move into 2023 and beyond, I’m excited to see what else automation has in store, and the advantages it can bring to our QA team and Invotra.

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