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The end of the road for an old browser – discontinuing support for IE8

It’s been a long old journey. When I say old, I mean old in tech terms. And 10 years is old. That is how long the Internet Explorer 8 browser has been around. Well, almost 10 years (9.5 to be exact). The IE8 browser was released in 2009. The same year Twitter and Android went mainstream.

Along the way, new versions of Internet Explorer have been released. Other browsers such as Chrome and Firefox have forged ahead, constantly incorporating new web technology standards into their products. These now lead and dominate the modern web browser landscape.

These modern browsers also support functionality such as CSS3, HTML5 and media queries to name a few. Today, web browsers that support responsive web design for mobile and tablet devices are the norm and not the exception.

While new website and web app technologies have evolved, IE8 has been unable to do so. Developers and QA teams alike would testify to experiencing broken functionality, poor performance and variety of front-end issues during a product development cycle of any given product release when IE8 is involved.

At Invotra, we constantly strive to build an intranet platform that is both innovative and that can utilise what modern browser technologies and functionality have to offer.  This allows us to deliver the best possible user experience to both end users and managers of our intranet platform.

So, we are coming to end the of the road with an old web browser.

From 15th January 2019, Invotra will be ending support for Internet Explorer 8.

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