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Extranet Demo Video – Provide your external users with restricted access to your intranet

Provide external users controlled and secure access to your intranet

With our portal service, you are able to provide external users controlled access within the standard data hierarchy of your platform. This allows them to read or publish articles, collaborate with your users and engage with content.

Our portal adds value to your organisation by helping you engage and communicate with customers, investors, partners, suppliers or whoever you wish to give access to.

Your webmasters can customise the homepage that extranet users will see including what widgets are displayed (these can be completely different to the standard intranet homepage). Webmasters also control which site sections external users can have access to. 

Features include

Section management – Share necessary information with external users or agencies within a controlled environment using restricted areas your Intranet.

Groups – Allows external users to join digital conversations or initiate discussions through our groups. Reply and interact with others who have posted and collaborate on content.

Profiles – Allow external users to build a profile within your digital workplace to engage, network and build relationships with users in your organisation.

Social – Strengthen relationships with your external users by socially engaging with them through our social features such as Groups and Ideas. 

Teams – Organise and structure external users via Invotra Teams.

Demo Video

Check out the demo video below that highlights Invotra’s extranet functionality! 

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Laptop and Mobile with intranet message wall and a profile page displayed

Discover what your Invotra intranet could look like with a free, branded video