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Flexible working makes intranets more essential than ever

Working from home and keeping your own hours is the new normal in big business

What was once a bragging right of the self-employed is no longer such an exclusive perk. And, while these new freedoms have many upsides, organisations cannot be left counting the costs of a fractured workforce struggling to coalesce and produce results.
To protect against this ever happening, you need an intranet. And a good one.

An intranet naturally pulls people together. It is a single source of truth and the common ground your businesses needs to unite its professionals no matter where they are.

When an intranet is done properly, it creates the perfect conditions for teams to collaborate, get involved and have more influence in their day-to-day so they can do their best work.

In the UK, the CIPD published a report in June 2019 stating: “More than half of UK workers (54%) work flexibly in some way…” and that, “most flexible arrangements make a big difference to people’s quality of life and usually have no impact on one’s career.”

As important as wages, annual leave and pension plans are, employers are well aware of the new demand from staff who want to work from home and break out of the traditional 9 to 5.

To stay competitive, businesses need to feel confident they have the tools in place to offer flexible working and still be able to integrate and engage their people who might not always be there in person.

Integrating workers with Invotra Intranet and Portal

Invotra makes integrating members of any team quick and simple. From apps like Groups, Blogs and Message Wall, which organically grow as people share professional and personal thoughts and interests, to the more formal pages, policies and manuals that are readily accessible for onboarding and training purposes.
Look to the People Directory, Team Chart and Org Chart, and the structure and skillsets of any business are clear for everyone to see. Whether you’re the new guy or an old head, with People Directory, you’ll find the right person for your latest project without the wild goose chase.

Add to this the ability to integrate any collaboration tools you may already use such as Jira, G Suite or Office 365, and you’ve created a seamless knowledge-sharing experience in one joined-up digital headquarters, whether your team members are at home, in the office or on the move.

Engaging workers with Invotra Intranet and Portal

Invotra gives publishers the on/off option but encourages that comments and actions be left on for any content that’s live.
Take the latest news article on a homepage as a hypothetical, anyone in your business can immediately react with a post or like. They might @mention a colleague or link to a relevant group they’ve created. Quickly, you’ll see an exclusive informational ecosystem emerge as people interact with each other on a daily basis.

For management, with analytics and statistics at their disposal, the ability to gauge the mood of their business by reviewing and responding to comments can have a huge impact on work satisfaction as more informed decisions can be made.

Invotra also makes it easy for the CEO or MD to open up a direct line of communication with every worker in the business, creating an open and transparent culture from the top down that strengthens trust and loyalty.

Finally, with Polls and Forms, pose questions and get instant responses to canvas opinions from the people who matter the most. One question might be: is being able to work from home essential for job satisfaction in 2019?

Working together no matter what

In the modern workplace, we must never forget the personalities and the relationships that bind businesses together and drive them forward. If you aren’t doing it already, make your intranet the force that keeps your business flexible and joins your people together.

Get in touch with Invotra Intranet and Portal to learn more about how our product delivers joined-up working every day for our customers.