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A fortnight in Fort Knox… How secure is your digital workplace?

I recently joined the team at Invotra and the one thing that has stuck out to me (other than how scarily happy everyone is), is how seriously security is taken within the business. It isn’t just another box to tick in the employee handbook but rather, it is at the very core of the company culture.

At a time when data security is paramount for most organisations, many have reached the realisation that data breaches are just as likely, perhaps even more likely to occur due to end user error, malicious users or lax security procedures followed by users. Coupled with the fact that many mainstream 3rd party digital workplace providers cannot confirm the location of data or even promise that data will stay within the UK, most businesses are now having to re-consider data security in the modern digital workplace.

So how as a third-party software company do you get all your staff to take security as seriously as if their jobs depend on it? You create a secure culture that does not allow users to even leave desktops unlocked, even if you are popping to the printer. Anyone caught creating a potential security risk (however small, and within our secure physical workplace) is “dished” – that is, they’re gently mocked, and then made to wash up.

Now it may sound funny, but in 2 weeks, I haven’t seen a single person have to wash up! *edit – since I started writing this, I’ve seen one instance.

So what does this mean? Once you get over the comedy of the idea, you start to realise just why over 45% of central government use Invotra as their secure digital workplace. We’re ISO:27001 certified, which shows just how securely the Invotra team treat our data. Can you say that about your workplace?

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