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How do you track whether your intranet is succeeding?

How do you track whether your intranet is succeeding?

In his workshop at the 2018 Intranet Now conference, Lindsay MacVean, Invotra’s Analytics Product Lead, explored how we measure employee engagement in a connected workplace.

Setting goals

What does success look like to your organisation – what goals have you set or been tasked to improve?

This may well depend on the values of your organisation and may include:

  • Telling the strategic narrative
  • Engaging managers
  • Giving employees a voice
  • Integrity – being open and honest

Your goals may have intentions such as giving users a stronger voice and control over content or may strive to drive innovation via generating ideas.

1. Increase actions per visit (engagement) in order to give users a voice
2. Achieve 1:1 gig worker to internal staff comment rate in order to improve engagement of ‘gig’ workers.

Capture points

How do you capture information?

We have customer tools such as Matomo and Google Analytics combined with server logs/queries like MySQL.

But you could also extract:

  • Customer data
  • User feedback
  • HR data

And what are the dimensions of the capture points?

Standard in Google Analytics/Matomo are:

  • Time
  • User ID
  • Entity ID
  • Action (value)
  • User agent
  • Physical location

Intranet specific and included in Invotra are also:

  • Team
  • Role 
  • Office location
  • Information Architecture (what are people doing in a specific area of your intranet)

Do your capture points give the dimensions needed to measure progress towards your goal?

e.g. Number of employees/gig workers, comments per user.

A report could cover:

  • Intranet engagement – number of actions on content and by whom
  • Intranet Collaboration – actions with each other, which groups
  • Intranet Performance – wait times, distribution of content

How are you helping to achieve your organisation’s story?

You may want to explore:

  • Your audience – do you want to demonstrate leadership and/or encourage self-serve
  • Charts & Graphs can show % comments per staff type
  • Analysis & conclusion e.g. our gig workers are becoming more engaged but more work is needed

To automate or not to automate? 

You can use a custom, dashboard or business intelligence report. Whatever works for you – aim to focus on the signals and not necessarily just the noise at some regular interval to show change.

Here is an Invotra dashboard we might use which tracks Message Wall, top message types and contributing authors:

message wall dashboard screenshot

You can tell your intranet story via a report and demonstrate how it helps towards your digital, communications or HR goals such as boosting employee engagement.

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