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How SaaS benefits your Workforce

Moving away from complicated technology infrastructure and onto a fully maintained cloud IT service can leave some organisations with concerns about security, resourcing and maintenance.   However these concerns are easily dismissed when we consider the true benefits to a well serviced SaaS.

High adoption & multi device use

SaaS applications are available anytime anywhere so users can login and use the tools – no need to wait until you get back to the office.

Seamless integration

Invotra works like many other SaaS applications in that it provides a unified interface to your business apps and systems.  Also offering single sign on (SSO), users can login to one digital workspace to do their job.

Lower initial costs

SaaS has a per user per month commercial model meaning that you only pay for what you need.  If your workforce shrinks, then so will the amount or license fees.  If it grows then purchasing license fees is an easy phone call away.

Frequent software upgrades

Invotra updates the application every two weeks meaning there are no patches or upgrades to download and install – especially useful if your workforce runs into the 1000’s…think of all that patching!

Faster implementation

Availability via the internet means rapid implementation and the added support of migration and set-up from application experts, as and when required.  They’re a friendly team that come to your Workplace and work directly with you.

Short vendor contracts

No long term contracts means vendors must continue to impress with their technical wizardry, workplace features, service and support otherwise organisations are free to move  supplier.  Service and quality should be high on the list of criteria when selecting your SaaS provider.

Reliability and scalability

The SaaS provider manages the availability of the bandwidth as the user base grows, so scaling users and data will not affect the uptime of the system and your overall users experience.


Cloud security is now as secure as any in house hosting has ever been.  The Home Office, The White House and among the organisations that rely and trust the security of the cloud.

Simplified deployment and low cost per user makes SaaS a favourite for IT teams within leading enterprises.  IT teams are often keen to offload non-mission critical software systems, for internal communications, publishing, HR and general knowledge management.

The low cost of SaaS compared to on-premise applications means that budgets can be split to support the mission critical areas within their business.

Most importantly SaaS provides options where old systems didn’t. A chance for IT teams to review and manage their suppliers and services in a way that changes the landscape and provides endless possibilities to increase effectiveness throughout the organisation.

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