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How to engage your workforce with a social intranet

Top tips for making the most out of a social intranet

We understand that an engaged workforce is a productive workforce. Therefore, your users need a social intranet that provides the tools to organise, communicate and share knowledge.

Invotra is packed with applications and features to help you foster collaboration and engage your workforce.

  1. Use Message Wall to celebrate everyone’s achievements and say thank you!


    Simply create a short post, add a category such as ‘Well done!’ and @mention your colleague. Following this, users receive a notification and can reply or like your message.

    Simple, quick communication that gets your workforce talking personally.

    Communicating and collaborating apps and integrations with posts and polls from groups and message wall pictured

  2. Share deeper expertise with blogs


    If you have a story to tell, knowledge you want to share or information your colleagues need to know, blogs are a great choice. 

    With simple WYSIWYG controls and the ability to add media, Invotra’s blogging application is simple for anyone to use.

    You can display blogs through widgets on any site section. Additionally, users are able to like, rate, favorite and comment, encouraging social collaboration.

    A blog page with comments, a create blog button and a wysiwyg

  3. Create an area to collaborate with Invotra Groups


    Whenever you have a project, topic or issue that requires ongoing communication and document sharing, create a group to get your team working together. As a result, organic social interactions will occur.

    Allow all members to share a post, raise a poll and engage with other members’ posts through comments and likes. Users can also create, share and collaborate on documents within the groups they are a part of.

    There are 3 types of group categories available on Invota:

    Public Groups
    Firstly, anyone can view and join a public group.

    Private Groups
    Alternatively, users can see a private group exists, however, to gain access, they must be invited or request access.

    Secret Groups
    Finally, in secret groups, users cannot see they exist unless they are invited to join. This is great for situations like organising gifts discreetly.

    Group security illustration
  4. Invite your workforce to submit queries and contribute ideas

    Submit an idea or query for review, evaluate other people’s ideas and also use commenting and likes to work together to improve productivity.

    Show your users that you value their feedback and opinions. Applications such as Ideas encourage everyone to feel part of a community.

    Intranet design hero


    Discover more about each of our intranet tools in this social intranet applications blog.

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