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For product guidance visit

For product guidance visit


At Invotra, we take pride in the quality of our enterprise intranets.

Our customers’ intranets power organisations varying from 50 people up to very large enterprises with more than 90,000 employees.

The flexibility provided to our customers as part of the product offering is second to none.

 You can design a modern, collaborative intranet any way you see fit.

We are always talking with and listening to our customers and, as Invotra grows, we’ve found a common request from our customers: “Where can we get regularly updated information about how to make my version of Invotra even better?”

We are delighted to announce today the launch of

A site for intranet admins, designers and technical teams is a new website dedicated to admins and webmasters who have to create, build and maintain their versions of Invotra for their organisations. 

Increasingly, these admins need to integrate Invotra with third party apps and services, like Jira or Microsoft products. aims to provide a rich resource and community for these admins to discover how to get the most out of Invotra.

From setting up, including configuring your single sign on (SSO) and getting your users data imported to building and maintaining your instance, it’s all here.

If you’re an intranet or content designer, you’ll find information about best practices for information architecture, as well as design and UX considerations. Invotra product releases – published bi-weekly – will be found here too.

If you’re from a technical background, you’ll be able to learn more about the stack and architecture that underpins Invotra. Perhaps you’re interested in learning about the ever changing world of Invotra’s micro services, and API connections to other services. Or, maybe you need to find information about how to get the most from your analytics, be it Google Analytics or Matomo. It’s here.

The future is here

This is just the beginning for Going forward, you’ll learn about our future integrations with well known services. This is where you’ll discover how we are utilising the latest services and technologies from AWS. And, it’s where you’ll hear about the latest developments and releases from Invotra Labs, our own homegrown R&D team pushing the boundaries of modern communications.

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Finally, we are opening this to you, the intranet admins, designers and techies. Invotra has always been open and transparent, to the core. We look forward to your questions and feedback on how to make better for you.

We'd love to show you how Invotra can transform the way your organisation works

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