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Invotra 4.26 release summary

We released Invotra 4.26 on Wednesday 10th February 2019.

Our primary focus for this release was to add new features and improvements to our customers’ user experience and the accessibility of our product. Additional tasks fixed bugs and made operational improvements.

We focused on the accessibility experience of users when using our publishing pages. We have clarified the status of content on the site by adding a status message to an unpublished page. The message will now inform the user that the content is not visible to everyone because there are no published revisions of the content.

Status message to inform users content is unpublished, added in 4.26 release

We have also ensured that users accessing the site with a screen reader are made aware that they have new feed messages, in addition to the screen reader announcing the My feed link.

My notifications icon informing of new feed messages

We have updated the appearance of the root navigation widget for site sections to ensure that sub-sections are clearly denoted when viewing navigation items that go multiple levels deep.

Imporvements made to manual navigation menu to clearly distinguish between levels and the current page

Additionally we have aligned the Matomo features for all of our customers who have moved to AWS Matomo, including user tracking, invalidate reports plugin and custom dimensions.

Release summary

Here’s a breakdown of the release in numbers:

Bugs squashed: 16

New features and improvements: 12

Security fixes: 3

Internal tasks: 9

Check out the official 4.26 release note for full details of the release

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