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Our new features and improvements – 4.34 release summary

We released Invotra 4.34 on Wednesday 19th June 2019

In this release…

  • We made accessibility updates to our password fields.
  • We added search functionality to our manuals.
  • We updated the options menu order to better reflect usage.
  • We updated the style and layout of our widget library.
  • We continued improvements made to menu navigation.
  • We made it possible for Intranet Managers to pull more data using the Invotra API.

Improved accessibility for password fields

In this release we have made changes to the password fields to ensure they meet the needs of accessible software users including moving the aria-live attribute so that the phrase “Password strength” is included when it announces the value of the password strength. We have also made the outline and the text mobile responsive. The colour of the text now has improved contrast and the text is displayed permanently.

Password fields on profiles with accessibility updates

Filter added to the simple search widget to search within the current manual

We updated our Invotra Manuals functionality to allow a user to search for content within a manual they are currently viewing, as well as across all manuals available to them. This helps with information discovery in large documents, providing for increased self service and quicker response times to customers.

Search field for searches within a manual

API endpoints for user activity added

We have made it possible to pull the following data using the Invotra API:

  • Total number of active users
  • Number of accounts with profile images (and therefore those who do not)
  • Number of accounts that have filled out ‘about me’ (and therefore those who have  not)

This allows an intranet manager to gauge engagement with the intranet, providing data to identify areas with room for improvement and to see what is working well.

Order of items in the options menu updated

In response to user testing we have improved user experience by amending the order of items in the ‘Options’ menu which appears in site sections. The options provided match the order of user interactions and the significance of the actions.

Options menu displaying edit, manage, reset and delete options

UI of widget style library updated

We have updated the visual widget style previews to better reflect how they display and what content will appear on the page.

These updates will reduce cognitive load for section managers by listing all fields that display in each widget, giving a clearer guide to exactly what will be included in the page layout.

Widget style library options


Updated styles of navigation widgets

We improved the appearance of navigation widgets on site sections across the site to ensure that sub-sections are clearly denoted when viewing navigation items that go multiple levels deep.
Navigation has been consistently styled across the product so that end users can clearly differentiate all navigation links and have an improved understanding of the hierarchies within navigation menus.  
Navigation menu updates

Release summary

Here’s a breakdown of the release in numbers:

Bugs squashed: 29

New features and improvements: 8

Security fixes: 0

Internal tasks: 7

Check out the official 4.34 release note for full details of the release.

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