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Invotra Admin – Branding – Control your organisation’s brand and identity with ease

Invotra Admin – Branding

At Invotra, we understand how important branding and identity is to an organisation. We believe in putting you in the driving seat, giving you the power to make changes in house without needing external help and incurring a cost.

Having a solid brand helps to motivate, align and point your employees in the right direction. It’s with this in mind that we made sure to provide complete control and flexibility over our intranet branding settings.

The image below highlights the many things you can change, edit and control when it comes to branding within Invotra Admin.

Invotra branding

The webmaster role

To control your intranet’s branding settings, you must either have the webmaster role or the brand manager role.

Webmasters have access to all parts of the Invotra site and the permissions to configure them. They are also responsible for personalising the site, ensuring that the requirements for site security, content and usability.


You can add a logo that will appear on your intranet’s header.

Adding and changing your logo incredibly simple, all you need to do is upload the relevant file.

Mobile logo

When it comes to using your intranet via a mobile device, you might find that your desktop logo isn’t suitable.

If your site logo is inappropriate for a mobile layout, a specific logo for the mobile layout can be uploaded instead.

Mobile branding

User mobile toolbar background

You can also add an image to the user name display area on the mobile layout as shown below.

Mobile app image

One of the most obvious aspects of a brand is colours.

You can either choose an existing colour selection or create your own custom sets. You have the power to change:

  • Button colours
  • Text colours
  • Body section colour
  • Footer/footer background colour
  • Link colour
  • Navigation colour
  • Vertical tabs colour

Having this flexibility and control makes embedding your brand into your intranet an incredibly smooth and simple process. This is particularly handy as we recognise that sometimes an organisation’s branding will change, so we wanted to make it easy for webmasters to update the branding settings as needed.

Invotra admin screenshot



This section allows you to specify the font face used on your intranet. The uploaded file types that will be accepted are:

  • Embedded Open Type
  • Raw TrueType
  • Web-only
  • SVG files

You can both import and export font face settings.

Font face screenshot


To add font family styles to specific HTML elements, the font family tab contains fields to enter a CSS selector and the required font family for this selector.

Any changes made can be exported from the site by selecting the Export styles. A .json file of the styles will be created.

To import font family styles to be used on the site select the Import styles tab, choose a file to upload and then submit this to be used in font styling.

Font family


Easily change the font size of a title or another text element (selector) by updating its size using the font size changing functionality shown below.

Whoever is in control of the font functionalities will need basic knowledge of CSS. However, we’re happy to provide some help with this if needed!

Font size selector


To edit the footer, add a brief description in the block description field and edit the block body by adding text using the WYSIWYG editor.

While a webmaster can edit the footer, it will only appear on the site if footer has been added to the site by the site admin.



If you would like to change the standard search icon, you can upload a file to replace it.

search screenshot


When it comes to widget branding, you can add a line border to the top and bottom of titles on all widget panes.

Select the required checkbox to be shown options for the borders, of width and colour. Enter the required settings and select submit. The changes will apply to the relevant widget pane titles.

Widget style settings can be imported and exported from this page.

Widget branding options

Major central government departments and thousands of their users rely upon our Invotra intranet and portal services every day. If your current intranet is not fit-for-purpose, get in touch today and ask us for a free assessment and recommendation or click here to book a free demo.

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