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Invotra – The benefits of integrating a SaaS solution to solve your business problems

SaaS or Software as a Service is a method of providing applications via the internet. It removes the physical element to software and the time spent installing and updating it with patches. The owner of the SaaS application is responsible for access, security, performance and availability. With the majority of us now owning a smart device or tablet connected to the web, it means that we can now access the applications that we know and love more frequently.

SaaS has becoming a mounting success year on year due to its adaptability to plug in to business and organisations of all types and sizes. The main attractions of SaaS for businesses are:

  • It’s Mobile – Can be accessed from any device connected to the internet, allowing a more flexible approach to working for employees and colleagues alike.
  • Saves £££ – The majority of SaaS applications are subscription or user based and with many SaaS vendors adopting Open Source technologies, this allows them to keep prices low…plus there is nothing for users to update or manage in terms of software.
  • Scalability – Having SaaS applications available via the Cloud and other internet hosted areas it means that consumers can easily scale the services to meet the needs of their business.

The SaaS approach to business has created a cyclical motion of innovation for both vendors and users. Allowing the vendors to easily update, maintain and implement security measures into their offering whilst improving the efficiency and availability of problem-solving for the subscribed users or members of their service.

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