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Invotra have been honoured in the Digital Leaders 100 list

‘The 2015 Digital Leaders 100 list honours the highest digital achievements from across the UK’s public, private and non-profit sectors, celebrating individuals and organisations who are leveraging digital to transform the UK’s public services and its social and economic opportunities’

We’re thrilled to be short-listed for 3 awards.  The Digital Leaders programme received 700 applications at the beginning of the year, so being in the final 100 is an achievement worth celebrating.  Winning would be the icing on the cake after a very busy year of project delivery.

And the categories we are included in are…

SME Digital Leader of the Year – A tough category full of SME’s that have all had a brilliant year.  To win this would be the ultimate accolade.

Best Central Government Digital Transformation Team or Project – We have been shortlisted twice in this category:

  • HMRC Digital Communications, HM Revenue & Customs

‘In early 2014, HMRC DCT, in line with the Cabinet Office drive to reduce costs through improved use of digital, set about provisioning a new Open Source intranet, capable of targeted communications to 70,000 staff in multiple locations, across multiple devices. Led by Wayne Robinson, Head of Digital Communications, HMRC DCT successfully launched the first phase of their new Invotra intranet in early 2015, which gives HMRC the ability to target content directly to the users’ desktop, while giving staff the ability to quickly and easily find and share information across the organisation. In addition, HMRC became the first department to securely publish redacted guidance manuals to GOV.UK, via the intranet. The new Open Source intranet is significantly cheaper than the legacy service, and is now the foundation for a new digital working environment.’

  • Home Office Technology, Home Office

‘Home Office Technology replaced an outdated and fragile proprietary intranet that was risky to support and expensive to maintain. The Home Office intranet has completely transformed into an Open Standards based SaaS cloud service built on Open Source technologies to enable Content Editors to create and publish material with greater agility. This new intranet cloud service (called Invotra) is accessible across Government to support at least 28,000 users for greater communication and collaboration with various stakeholders. By adopting a cloud-based commodity billing approach, the Home Office realised significant cost savings under a flexible and transparent Pay-As-You-Go OpEx cost model’

The digital awards are in their 3rd year now and – at time of writing this – they’ve had twice the amount of votes as the previous year already and there’s still a month to go.

Voting will close at the end of May and the winners will be announced at the awards gala on the 25th June.

In other news…

Continuing our award nominations theme, one of our apprentices Jamie Garrett has been shortlisted as a finalist for the Small Business Microsoft Apprentice of the Year.  Read more…

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