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Invotra: Leading the Digital Workspace Evolution

The change from intranets to social intranets took a relatively long time.  When you consider that intranets had been around, in their most raw form, since the early 1990’s it took until 2010 for the social networking craze to impact on business.  Yes, there had been some minor tinkering with proprietary systems allowing people to communicate before 2010, but it was then that businesses started to take the concept seriously.


Now only 5 years later we find we’re still in the age of developing the social intranet and along comes the digital workspace.  An application that combines the intranet and social intranet in equal measure, from the same environment.  Unified workspaces have been around for some time.  This is nothing revolutionary…so what would we need to make the intranet evolve to the next stage..?


A natural step is to leverage the concept of the ‘Internet of Things’ and take it into the workplace environment by considering the ‘Things’ that make our workspace function.  These ‘Things’ are all the business applications, buildings, printers, chairs, desks, lights, fire extinguishers, a whole list of devices, within the organisation.


By encompassing ‘Things’ into our digital workspace we’re giving you the chance to connect with them, as easily as you would find your colleagues or create a piece of content.  The unified workspace becomes your central point for interacting with the devices around your work environment.  As well as people and content.


Each organisation will be different. Different things, different priorities.  A facilities management company, for example, may use an electronic tagging system that reports when items are damaged or need testing for safety, the reports would be integrated into the digital workspace.


When we look back the intranet gave us content, the social intranet connected content and people and now the digital workspace looks to develop the relationship between people, content and things.  Ensuring that these components work together is key to what Invotra does.  We make complex, easy.  Easy to use, navigate, implement and maintain.


Invotra has created a tool to be used by employees as a means of engaging, communicating and collaborating, but actually, the business case it solves is far greater.

Invotra creates the digital workspace that communicates with everything you need to do your job.  Providing savings and efficiencies across the board that organisations haven’t even considered yet.


To support this ethos, Invotra has split their product out into 3 main areas – there are more but these are the key areas.

Invotra People

People are at the heart of every organisation and it’s the people that we need to communicate with.  Invotra offers the ability to target content, a staff directory, team collaboration, social working and OrgChart.


Invotra Content

Features within this part of the system are unrivalled.  The tools and features are too long to list but include the standard news, policies, multi-media and blogs as well as some which are unique like redaction and docs.


Invotra Things

The latest initiative is Invotra Things.  During 2015, Invotra released a BIM data modelling into their SaaS offering allowing enterprise customers to connect their people and teams to their surroundings.   This is the first step in helping businesses to create their own Intranet of Things.

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