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Invotra’s application for G-Cloud 10 successful

We are extremely pleased to announce that for the 5th year running, Invotra’s application for G-Cloud has been successful.

Invotra is a leading SaaS provider of enterprise intranets and portals. We are backed by experts with decades of experience in delivering robust solutions to the open source community. We are a British SME, with offices in Woking, Newcastle, Dublin and Denver, Colorado.

As of 2018, Invotra is powering intranets for over 200,000 end users in UK Government with departments such as: Home Office, Department for Work & Pensions, HMRC and Department for Transport, as well as local authorities.

What is G-Cloud?

G-Cloud is a procurement framework in which government organisations can search for various services from a list of approved vendors. They can then compare each organisation’s offerings, evaluating which ones are best suited for their needs.

Why the Cloud?

For decades, it was the common view the enterprises should take ownership, either directly or indirectly, of their IT infrastructures and applications. Huge sums of money were spent maintaining environments, handling security and installing updates to applications.

Moving to the Cloud removes pain from your organisation, and provides flexibility to your IT infrastructure and application choices. No longer do you need to procure systems, applications and hardware and maintain them yourself. Buying from the Cloud allows you and your teams to pay for only that which you need. The responsibility of the management of the of the infrastructure shifts to the supplier.

Additionally, buying Cloud services removes CapEx (capital expenditure) from your IT budget. Procuring pay-as-you-go Cloud services shifts the CapEx to OpEx (operating expenses), with no depreciation effects.

What’s new for G-Cloud 10?

Previously, for G-Cloud 9, Invotra had 8 listings on offer. For 2018, this has increased to 21 offerings, within the categories of cloud hosting, cloud software and cloud support. We offer two package options, silver and gold and our services are hosted on AWS (Amazon Web Services).

One of the biggest new additions is the fact we have created a mobile application, providing users with an authenticated app to use for collaborating with colleagues when out of the office and ‘on the go’.

We have also added a media portal, which allows videos to be uploaded and streamed on our intranets. This is an extremely useful feature for sharing content.

Some of the key features that are available with Invotra include:

  • Invotra People – Profiles, OrgChart, Teams, TeamChart, Locations
  • Invotra Intranet – Pages, News, Events, Webforms, Gallery, Manuals, Custom Content, Multi-Media
  • Invotra Extranet – Access for external users
  • Invotra Social – Groups, Feed, Notifications, Docs, Blogs, Ideas, Polls, Message Wall, Mobile App
  • Security – Permissions, Roles, User redaction, Group Access, IP Blocking, Encryption in transit, VPN-only Access
  • API’S & Connectors – Content, User Data, Location Data, Team Data, Active Directory, Google Analytics, Matomo (formerly Piwik), Mobile App
  • Governance – Workflow, Revisions, Distributed Publishing, Content redaction
  • Search – Search Engine (Solr/lucene), Custom Configuration
  • Sign on – In-App, Single Sign-On (SAML), Single Sign-On (Kerberos)

We provide the toolset to help organisations achieve digital transformation by offering an intranet that will give you both control and flexibility, in a highly secure, scalable and accessible way.

Invotra prides itself on being open and honest with its customers, creating a sustainable relationship based on trust, reliability and performance delivery.

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